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Big data helps inclusive finance——BBD relies on the Credit Suisse loan to provide innovative practices for small and medium-sized enterprises
Source: Big Data Department Time: 2019-11-05

数联铭品科技有限公司(以下简称 “BBD”) 创办 2013年 主要对标美国 Palantir公司,是一家专注 服务于 金融和 政府 两大领域 的大数据 新技术企业。 Chengdu Shulian Mingpin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BBD") was founded in 2013 and is a benchmark for the American company Palantir. It is a big data high-tech enterprise focusing on serving the financial and government fields . BBD积极响应国家号召, 国家 部委、 各级地方政府 金融机构的大力支持下, 充分 发挥大数据 金融科技 企业的独特 优势 ,以大数据为依托,以信用信息 基础,以 中小 微企业为重点, 积极 推动 普惠 金融服务,全力解决中小微企业融资难 融资贵 融资慢的问题,取得了积极成效 Since 2015, the BBD has actively responded to the national call, with the strong support of national ministries and commissions, local governments at all levels , and financial institutions, to give full play to the unique advantages of big data fintech companies , relying on big data, and based on credit information , Focusing on small and medium - sized enterprises, we actively promoted inclusive financial services, and made every effort to solve the problems of financing difficulties , expensive financing, and slow financing of small and medium-sized enterprises , and achieved positive results .

总体成效 I. Overall results

     与地方政府、金融机构深入合作,累计已服务各类中小微企业 86764户,发放贷款余额达到91.1亿元,贷款平均利率为5.10%—8.28%,贷款不良率控制在1%以下 As of the second quarter of this year, BBD has in- depth cooperation with local governments and financial institutions in Beijing, Chongqing, Guizhou, Anhui and other provinces and cities, and has accumulatively served 86,764 small and medium-sized enterprises of various types , with a loan balance of 9.11 billion yuan and an average loan interest rate of 5.10% —8.28%, the non-performing loan ratio shall be controlled below 1% . Through the construction of BBD's big data financial comprehensive service platform, it effectively solved the problems of financing difficulties, expensive financing, and slow financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, and explored new models and new paths for the innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

实践 Innovation Practice

(1) Innovative products, research and development of new financial products that meet the financing needs of SMEs . Xinyi loan is a new model of SME credit loan based on the strong support of the National Development and Reform Commission, based on government guidance, based on big data credit, and characterized by multi-party cooperation and risk sharing among professional institutions. 题。 Since 2015, BBD has relied on fintech and credit information, and focused on the Credit Easy loan. It has continuously innovated the development model and actively explored and solved the problems of small, medium and micro enterprises' financing difficulties, expensive financing and slow financing . Launch a series of innovative financial products that meet the financing needs of SMEs .

与金融机构合作,结合业务特色定制场景化的信贷产品。 1. Cooperate with financial institutions and customize scenario-based credit products based on business characteristics. 经销 、中药材订单经营等不同应用场景, 通过整合 “企业信用数据”、“银行数据”、“企业行为数据”等多源数据,形成三位一体的“大数据”体系,并结合大数据分析手段,实现了对小微企业行为的全息画像,开发了小微企业智能客户分层功能,以行为化、全息化、图谱化、智能化、动态化、自动化这六大特点,重构了小微企业信用评级体系。 In the process of cooperation between BBD and financial institutions in various places, combined with different application scenarios such as corporate taxation, tobacco merchant distribution , and Chinese herbal medicine order management, through the integration of multi-source data such as "corporate credit data", "bank data", and "corporate behavior data", The Trinity "Big Data" system, combined with big data analysis methods, has realized a holographic portrait of the behavior of small and micro enterprises, and has developed a layered function of intelligent customers for small and micro enterprises. The behavioral, holographic, graphical, intelligent, The six characteristics of dynamic and automation have restructured the credit rating system of small and micro enterprises.

BBD与多家银行合作的线上信贷产品,既包括纯信用类贷款,如银税贷、商超贷、发票贷,也包括抵押、保证类贷款,如房抵极速贷、供应链金融,为不同行业、不同规模、不同资质的中小微企业提供了丰富多样且快捷有效的融资路径。 Currently , the online credit products that BBD cooperates with many banks include pure credit loans, such as bank tax loans, commercial supermarket loans, and invoice loans, as well as mortgages and guarantee loans, such as real estate loans, supply chain finance, It provides rich, diverse and fast and effective financing paths for small, medium and micro enterprises of different industries, different sizes and different qualifications. 产品为例, 2016年,重庆 银行联合 BBD创新研发 首个小微在线信贷产品好企 ,到今年 第二 季度,已经累计放贷 10208户、 累计放贷金额 57亿元。 Taking good corporate loan products as an example, in 2016, Bank of Chongqing and BBD innovated and developed the first small and micro online credit product good corporate loan . By the second quarter of this year, 10208 households had been lent, and the cumulative amount of loans was 5.7 billion yuan. 该产品还 实现了在线 申请、 智能秒批 自主放款 全线上化流程,消除了金融机构与企业之间信息不对称的壁垒,打破了小微企业融资难 融资贵、融资 困局。 In addition, the product also implements an online application process of online application, smart second approval , and autonomous lending , which eliminates the barriers to information asymmetry between financial institutions and enterprises, and breaks the difficulty of financing small, micro-enterprises , expensive financing, and slow financing . Dilemma. 深受金融机构和企业好评, 2017年 好企贷产品 评为全国普惠金融优秀案例 2017年 全国十佳互联网金融创新产品。 Because of being well received by financial institutions and enterprises, in 2017, good corporate loan products were rated as National Excellent Inclusive Finance Cases and Top Ten Internet Finance Innovative Products in 2017 .

政府合作, 积极构建多方参与的创新合作模式。 2. Cooperate with the government and actively build an innovative cooperation model involving multiple parties. 各地政府的积极推动下,从安徽芜湖市信易贷创新试点起步,相继在北京、重庆、安徽、厦门、贵州桐仁开展创新合作, 构建了 各级地方政府主导、企业主体、专业支撑、多方参与的合作模式,为切实解决中小微企业融资问题提供了要素保障,创造了良好发展环境。 BBD is based on the rich experience and working basis of direct cooperation with financial institutions. With the active promotion of the National Development and Reform Commission and local governments, BBD started from the innovation trial of Xinyi loan in Wuhu, Anhui, and successively in Beijing, Chongqing, Anhui, Xiamen, and Guizhou Tongren. Carrying out innovative cooperation, constructing a cooperation model led by local governments at all levels, corporate entities, professional support, and multi-participation, providing element guarantees for the practical solution of financing problems for small, medium and micro enterprises, and creating a good development environment.

芜湖信易贷项目为例, 2017年7月,芜湖市人民政府会同BBD和 相关合作机构, “征信机构+银行+担保”为核心 芜湖市共同探索 中小企业信用贷试点工作。 Take the Wuhu Xinyi loan project in Anhui as an example. In July 2017, the Wuhu Municipal People's Government, in conjunction with BBD and related cooperation agencies, took “credit agencies + banks + guarantees” as the core and jointly explored the pilot work of SME credit loans in Wuhu City . . From the beginning of 2018 to the present, there have been a total of 320 credit loan pilot enterprises in Wuhu, with an average loan interest rate of 5.1%, a cumulative loan size of more than 2 billion yuan, an average loan amount of 5.5 million yuan, and a bad debt rate of less than 1%. Among them, there are nearly 110 credit reference service companies provided by BBD with a cumulative loan size of more than 320 million yuan, and no overdue loan occurred.

问题。 (2) Innovative services, focusing on solving the problems of financing difficulties, slow financing and expensive financing for small and medium-sized enterprises .

、重点解决中小微企业融资难的问题。 1. Focus on solving the problem of financing difficulties for small, medium and micro enterprises. 汇集 自有数据、银行数据 和业务场景数据 ,并运用大数据分析手段,实现对中小微企业行为的 精准刻画 ,打破了银行与中小微企业客户之间信息不对称的数据壁垒;另一方面,依托 BBD强大的 研发团队 ,利用业界领先的大数据处理、分析与建模技术,还原了中小微企业的信用水平、行为特征与风险画像,并将之用于在线信用贷款、贸易融资、产业链融资等多种业务场景,解决了银行对中小微企业风险评价的核心难题。 On the one hand, BBD brings together its own data, bank data, and business scenario data , and uses big data analysis methods to achieve accurate characterization of small, medium and micro enterprises' behaviors , breaking the data barriers of information asymmetry between banks and customers of small, medium and micro enterprises; On the other hand, relying on BBD's strong R & D team , the industry's leading big data processing, analysis and modeling technology is used to restore the credit level, behavior characteristics and risk profile of small, medium and micro enterprises, and use it for online credit loans, trade Various business scenarios such as financing and industrial chain financing have solved the core problems of banks' risk assessment of small, medium and micro enterprises.

1 信贷模型在线审批框架 Figure 1 Credit model online approval framework

、重点解决中小微企业融资慢的问题 2. Focus on solving the problem of slow financing of SMEs . BD 通过与银行合作,再造了银行的线上信贷业务流程,重构了中小微企业大数据信用风险评级体系,帮助中小微企业摆脱了繁杂的贷款申请及审批流程,不再提供各种各样的纸质申报资料,只需要通过手机 A PP 填录和上传企业基本信息,完成在线申请、智能秒批、自助放款,真正实现足不出户即可获得银行的信贷支持,大大减少了中小微企业融资所耗费的时间,也大幅提升了银行的工作效率。 By cooperating with banks, B BD has reengineered the bank's online credit business process, reconstructed the big data credit risk rating system for small and medium-sized enterprises, and helped small and medium-sized enterprises to get rid of the complicated loan application and approval processes and no longer provide various The paper-based application documents only need to fill in and upload the basic information of the company through the mobile phone A PP , complete the online application, smart second batch, and self-help loan, and truly realize the bank's credit support without leaving the house, which greatly reduces the small and medium-sized enterprises. The time it takes for micro-enterprises to raise funds has also greatly improved the efficiency of banks.

Taking home mortgage loans as an example, from customer application to bank due diligence, to approval, mortgage procedures, and lending, it usually takes at least 15 working days in the bank's traditional credit approval process . Lending can be realized in as little as 3 days at the earliest, so as to meet the "short, frequent, and fast" demand for the use of credit funds by SMEs.

、重点解决中小微企业融资贵的问题。 3. Focus on solving the problem of expensive financing for SMEs. BD 运用大数据分析手段,不仅 解决 信息不对称的痛点, 而且通过对互联网技术的应用,大幅缩短了业务流程,真正实现了 “秒批”、“秒贷”,消除了中小微企业对贷款时效性的担忧,有利于企业根据自身经营特点灵活安排资金,实现按需申贷,避免出现“短贷长用”现象,有效降低了企业的直接融资成本。 The use of big data analysis methods by B BD not only solves the pain points of information asymmetry, but also greatly shortens business processes through the application of Internet technology, and truly realizes "second batch" and "second loan", eliminating the small and medium-sized enterprises' Concerns about the timeliness of loans will help enterprises flexibly arrange funds according to their own operating characteristics, realize on-demand loan application, avoid the phenomenon of "short-term loans and long-term use," and effectively reduce the direct financing costs of enterprises. At the same time, a good sense of operating experience allows companies to apply for loans on their own, anytime, anywhere, to achieve the effect of "de-intermediation", which greatly reduces the actual financing costs of small, medium and micro enterprises.

BBD利用大数据技术搭建风控平台 ,将 传统的 线下信贷审查线上化,节省金融机构的人力成本及管理成本,提高了信贷审批效率,同时 ,通过政府部门 积极拓宽获 渠道 ,建立贷款风险补偿机制, 金融机构有效降低融资 成本 提供了保障。 In addition, the BBD uses big data technology to build a risk control platform , and online the traditional offline credit review, saving manpower costs and management costs of financial institutions, improving credit approval efficiency, and actively expanding customer acquisition channels through government departments . The establishment of a loan risk compensation mechanism has provided guarantee for financial institutions to effectively reduce financing costs .

Figure 2 Advantages of BBD financial risk control technology

共同建立风险分摊机制。 (3) Establish a risk sharing mechanism through the participation of multiple parties . The problem of non-performing loans and their losses is a basic problem that must be solved in the financing process of small and medium-sized enterprises. Taking Xinyi loan as an example, with the strong support of local governments, through the government's leadership and multi-participation, a small and medium-sized micro-enterprises risk compensation fund was jointly established, which solved the problem of who would share the risk loss of non-performing loans and magnified the use of fiscal funds , Strongly supported the large-scale development of Xinyi loan work. At present, the BBD has established risk compensation and subsidy mechanisms for small, medium and micro enterprises in the process of the Xinyi loan cooperation in Beijing, Chongqing and Wuhu, Anhui. Taking Wuhu, Anhui's SME credit loan as an example, Wuhu City, led by the government, has established a risk loss sharing mechanism involving credit bureaus, banks and guarantee companies, and the city's finance has invested 100 million yuan to establish a risk compensation fund. After the loss occurs, the three parties shall bear the risk loss in a certain proportion, and the remaining shortfall shall be borne by the risk compensation fund. The risk sharing ratio determined in the Xinhu loan cooperation of Wuhu is that the credit reporting agency bears 5%, and the financial institution's commitment ratio is linked to the loan interest rate: if the loan interest rate is below the benchmark interest rate, it will bear 5% of the compensation; the interest rate will rise by 10 % (Including 10%), bear 10%; interest rates rise more than 10%, bear 20%.

Third, the main gains

获得 国家 部委 和地方政府认可。 (1) Approved by national ministries and local governments. 解决 中小微企业融资难、融资贵、融资慢方面的创新实践,得到了国家部委 各级地方政府 金融机构、中小微企业的充分认可。 BBD 's innovative practice in solving the difficulties, expensive financing and slow financing of small and medium-sized enterprises has been fully recognized by national ministries and commissions , local governments at all levels , financial institutions, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

得到国家部 和各级 政府的充分肯定 与信任。 1. Get full affirmation and trust from national ministries and governments at all levels . BBD 作为 共同发起方, 与国家 信息中心、 工商 银行总行 、重庆 两江新区管委会 共同 签署 四方 创新合作协议,以金融科技为核心 ,立足 重庆两江新区 ,积极探索 创新的数字普惠金融服务模式, 缓解 小微企业融资难和融资贵的的问题 On March 12, 2018 , the BBD, as a co-sponsor, signed a four-party innovation cooperation agreement with the National Information Center, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Headquarters , and the Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Management Committee . Focusing on financial technology , it is based on Chongqing Liangjiang New Area and actively explores innovative The digital inclusive financial service model alleviates the problems of financing difficulties and expensive financing for small and micro enterprises . 创新 试点 平台已经 正式上线 截止 今年第二 季度统计,平台授信企业 25家 ,授信金额 达到 2846万元。 At present , the innovation pilot platform has been officially launched . As of the second quarter of this year , the platform has granted credit to 25 companies with a credit amount of 28.46 million yuan.

,国家发改委在安徽芜湖市召开现场会议 进行总结并 推广 芜湖 信易贷工作经验, BBD在 信易贷方面的创新实践,得到北京市金融工作局等政府 部门 的充分认可 In 2018 , the National Development and Reform Commission held an on-site meeting in Wuhu, Anhui to summarize and promote Wuhu's Xinyi loan work experience. BBD 's innovative practice in Xinyi loan has been fully recognized by the Beijing Financial Work Bureau and other government departments .

BBD与北京市 信委、北京市金 控集团 合作, 共同 建立 北京市中小微企业大数据服务平台 正式 上线, 平台 建立,将为全市 165万 中小微企业 提供融资、投资一体化 服务 为政府部门直观了解本地区、行业、领域、企业的发展现状与趋势,提供全维度产业分析服务、全量政策查询服务。 On June 27, 2019 , BBD cooperated with the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economics and Information Technology and Beijing Financial Control Group to jointly establish a big data service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing . The establishment of this platform will provide 1.65 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the city. Provide integrated financing and investment services , provide government departments with a direct understanding of the development status and trends of the region, industry, field, and enterprise, provide full-scale industry analysis services, and full policy inquiry services.

金融机构的 充分 认可。 2. Fully recognized by financial institutions . 开展信易贷合作, BBD的专业能力得到金融机构的充分认可 ,服务 内容从最初的 征信报告 服务延伸到一体化的 贷前预审批 贷中行为预警和 增值 服务 合作银行 从最初的 两家起步,发展到数量到 全国近 30余家金融 机构。 Through the cooperation of Xinyi loan, BBD's professional capabilities have been fully recognized by financial institutions , and its service content has extended from the initial credit report service to integrated customer acquisition , pre-loan pre-approval , pre- loan behavior warning, and post - loan value-added services . Cooperative banks have also started from one or two at the beginning, and have grown to more than 30 financial institutions nationwide .

收获了中小微企业的好评。 3. Gained praise from small, medium and micro enterprises. 大数据融资服务, BBD对于商业银行等金融机构 中小微企业的需求更加了解, 从而 提升了服务的 针对 性和准确性 By launching big data financing services, the BBD has better understood the needs of commercial banks and other financial institutions and small, medium and micro enterprises, thereby improving the pertinence and accuracy of the service . 聚拢了一大批忠实的 小微企业客户。 After experiencing the loan process, most of the small and medium-sized enterprise customers gave evaluations such as "saving time and worry, very convenient", "flexible terms, and very affordable prices", etc., quickly formed a word of mouth effect among the customer group, gathered a A large number of loyal customers of small, medium and micro enterprises.

(2) Explored a big data innovation service cooperation model to solve the financing problem of small, medium and micro enterprises. The BBD started from directly cooperating with financial institutions, and established a multi-participation cooperation model for the Credit Suisse loan. It continued to innovate with local governments, financial institutions, and service companies, and jointly explored the core of "big data + fintech + credit information". With the support of national ministries and commissions, local government guidance, enterprise main body, professional support, and multi-participation platform service model. 在服务内容方面,不仅提供了中小企业融资服务,而且实现了投、融资一体化服务,为中小企业的创新发展提供了要素支撑,创造了良好的生态环境。 Taking the service model of Beijing's small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the construction of BBD as an example, with the active promotion of government departments, the cooperation system has established a cooperative system involving credit bureaus and financial institutions . In terms of service content, not only SMEs are provided. Financing services, and the integration of investment and financing services have been provided, which have provided elementary support for the innovative development of SMEs and created a good ecological environment.

帮助中小微企业重塑信用,助力全社会信用体系的建立健全。 ( 3 ) Helping small, medium and micro enterprises reshape their credit and help build and improve the credit system of the whole society. At present, the credit conditions of small and medium-sized enterprises are uneven, and their credit consciousness is relatively weak. Some small, medium and micro-enterprises are often neglected in their own credit management based on insufficient scientific and reasonable corporate management systems or under pressure from operations. BD 基于大数据和信用信息研发的创新信贷产品,具有 创新程度高、体验感好、注重实质风控 等特点, 可以 发挥约束与激励并举的双重 功效, 对信用良好的企业,能够顺利获得 B BD 所提供的优质信用贷款服务,并促使其在日常经营中主动保持自身的良好信用状况;对信用一般的客户,仅能提供有限的贷款服务,但随着企业不断优化健全自身信用状况,所能获得的贷款服务也会自动随之增加;而违规或者失信的客户则自动被屏蔽在外。 B BD 's innovative credit products based on big data and credit information research and development have the characteristics of high degree of innovation, good experience, and focus on substantive risk control . It can exert the dual effects of restraint and incentives . For companies with good credit, they can successfully obtain B BD provides high-quality credit loan services, and urges it to actively maintain its good credit status in daily operations; customers with average credit can only provide limited loan services, but as companies continue to optimize and improve their credit status, all Available loan services will automatically increase with it; customers who violate or fail to trust are automatically blocked. The above-mentioned strategies help to form a good demonstration and driving effect among the customer groups of small, medium and micro enterprises, and help to establish and improve the credit system of the small and medium enterprises and even the whole society.

4. Planning for the next innovation and development

    发挥平台服务优势,切实 降低 中小企业融资成本,推动数字经济发展。 (1) With Xinyi loan as the core, innovate the cooperation model , make use of the advantages of platform services, effectively reduce the financing costs of SMEs, and promote the development of the digital economy. Judging from the practice in various places, the key to solving the problems of financing difficulties, expensive financing, and slow financing of SMEs is to innovate cooperation models . 搭建开放合作平台 为基础 ,以金融科技和信用信息为核心,聚集政策、资金、人才、机构等要素资源,构建政府主导 企业主体 专业支撑 多方参与的合作模式 Based on the establishment of an open cooperation platform , with financial technology and credit information as the core, it gathers policy, capital, talents, institutions and other essential resources to build a government-led , enterprise- dominated , professionally supported , multi-participated cooperation model . 中小 企业发展当前面临的主要问题和未来的需求来看,实现中小微企业金融服务的平台化、综合化、线上化, 不仅 能够有效的降低企业的融资成本,降低金融机构融资风险,提高财政资金使用效率 ;并 且, 通过 中小微企业综合金融服务平台 可以不断推动中小微企业、金融机构、政府部门等相关主体 立足 平台,开展各项延 服务, 从而 在降低各方操作成本、风险成本的同时,推动 企业 的数字化转型,促进数字经济发展。 Judging from the main problems currently facing the development of SMEs and future needs, realizing the platform, integration and onlineization of financial services for small, medium and micro enterprises can not only effectively reduce the financing costs of enterprises, reduce the financing risks of financial institutions, but also improve Efficiency of using financial funds ; and through the integrated financial service platform for SMEs and micro-enterprises , we can continue to promote relevant entities such as SMEs, financial institutions, government departments and other platforms to carry out various extended services, thereby reducing the operating costs of all parties, At the same time of risk cost, it promotes the digital transformation of enterprises and the development of digital economy.

    (2) Select appropriate application scenarios to achieve key breakthroughs and make progress gradually. The problem of financing difficulties, expensive financing, and slow financing of SMEs is a global problem. It is necessary not only to give full play to the role of fintech, but also to combine various application scenarios to gradually promote the construction of an enterprise-centric credit system . 选择 烟商场景 税务场景 供应链金融 ,来开展试点 逐步推动,帮助中小微企业解决融资难、融资贵、融资慢的问题, 从而 推动数字经济与实体经济的融合发展。 For example, the tobacco business scene , tax scene , and supply chain finance are selected to carry out trials and gradually promote it to help small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the problems of difficult financing, expensive financing, and slow financing, thereby promoting the integration and development of the digital economy and the real economy.

    依托 政府支持,重点解决好资金和数据两个核心要素的问题。 (3) Relying on government support, focus on solving the two core elements of funding and data. 融资贵 融资慢问题的关键,在未来的工作中,需要政府大力协调解决好数据和资金两方面的问题。 Giving play to the leading role of the government is the key to solving the problems of difficult financing, expensive financing, and slow financing of small and medium-sized enterprises . In the future work, the government needs to coordinate and solve the problems of data and capital. The first is to realize the open sharing of government public credit information through government promotion. 分摊 机制, 发挥 财政资金 杠杆作用,提高资金使用效率和效益。 Second, by establishing a risk sharing mechanism for small and medium-sized enterprises , the leverage of fiscal funds will be brought into play to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of fund use. The third is to adjust the risk compensation mechanism, increase loan insurance and reduce the proportion of government commitment. 建立试点 ,运用小微企业贷款险种为企业增信,发生风险由保险公司承担 30一40%。 It is planned to establish a pilot project at Sunshine Insurance Company to use small and micro enterprise loan insurance to increase credit for the enterprise, and the insurance company will bear 30% to 40% of the risk . The fourth is to increase the coverage of inclusive finance, explore the big data agricultural loan model, and solve the production funding problem for farmers with the integration of production and marketing scenarios.

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Zeng Tu, the founder, chairman and CEO of Shulian Mingpin Technology Co., Ltd. (BBD), a pioneer and practitioner of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of big data + finance, was selected by Fortune Magazine as "50 Chinese Businesses Defining the Future" pioneer". Zeng Tu was a member of the 12th Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and also served as an executive director of the China Youth Entrepreneur Association, an expert member of the China Big Data Industry Ecology Alliance, an executive vice chairman of the first council of the Digital China Research Institute of the National Information Center, and the Sichuan Finance Institute Chairman of the FinTech Special Committee, Vice Chairman of Fangshan Youth Federation of Beijing.

This article was published in Digital China Construction Newsletter, edited and published by the Digital Information Research Institute of the National Information Center , No. 4, 2019