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Building a Smart Park to Increase the International Impact of Xiantao Data Valley
Source: Big Data Department Time: 2019-11-05

模式 相继出现,成为加速推动区域经济发展和产业发展的有效推动力。 With the rapid development of information technology, the Internet of Things, mobile internet and cloud computing technology , models from the macro "smart city" to the meso "smart park" to the micro "smart buildings, smart homes" have emerged, becoming An effective driving force to accelerate regional economic development and industrial development.

数据谷 “智慧园区”以信息技术、物联网、移动互联和云计算技术为支撑,将园区建设为创新型特色园区,突出园区的经济、社会、人居复合功能,推动布局组团化、功能现代化、产业高端化。 The Xiantao Data Valley “Smart Park” is supported by information technology, the Internet of Things, mobile internet and cloud computing technology. The park will be built as an innovative and distinctive park, highlighting the complex economic, social, and residential functions of the park, and promoting the organization and function of the layout Modernization and high-end industry. 强化规划引领, 加强 基础设施建设,突出产业支撑, 将会 成为带动 渝北区 经济发展的重要增长 也是仙桃数据谷未来建设 重要 战略举措。 Strengthening the planning and guidance of smart parks , strengthening infrastructure construction, and highlighting industrial support will become an important growth point for the economic development of Yubei District and an important strategic measure for the future construction of Xiantao Data Valley .

智慧园区简介 I. Introduction to Smart Park

园区是通过信息技术和各类资源的整合,充分降低园区运营成本,提高工作效率,加强园区创新、服务和管理能力,为园区铸就一套超强 软实力。 The smart park is to fully reduce the park's operating costs, improve work efficiency, strengthen the park's innovation, service and management capabilities through the integration of information technology and various resources, and create a super soft power for the park .

IT 网络技术,通过门户网站虚拟园区等实现方式,加强园区内部的互动沟通和管理能力,在更加广阔的范围内提高园区的知名度。 On the one hand, it comprehensively applies various IT network technologies outside of the actual park environment , strengthens the interactive communication and management capabilities within the park through implementation methods such as portal virtual parks, and increases the popularity of the park in a wider area. On the other hand, it puts more emphasis on enhancing the resources integration capabilities of the park management committee, park enterprises and other aspects, integrating and promoting the expertise resources of all parties in the park, and building a strong brand for the park as a whole.

层面看 ,智慧园区结合利用物联网、云计算等新一代信息技术全面感知并整合城市的运行状态,构建了未来城市的信息基础,有力地支撑了城市的发展。 From a technical point of view , the smart park combined with the new generation of information technology such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing to comprehensively sense and integrate the city's operating status, build the information base of the future city, and strongly support the city's development. 层面看 ,智慧园区是信息技术发展到一定阶段的产物,智慧园区带来的改变不仅限于理念范畴,它将使园区的生产方式、生活方式、交换方式、公共服务、机构决策、规划管理、社会民生七个方面产生巨大和深远的变革。 From the application level , the smart park is the product of the development of information technology to a certain stage. The changes brought by the smart park are not limited to the concept category. It will enable the park's production methods, lifestyles, exchange methods, public services, institutional decision-making, planning and management. There are huge and far-reaching changes in the seven aspects of society and people's livelihood.

仙桃数据谷智慧园区建设目标 Second, the construction goals of Xiantao Data Valley Smart Park

In April 2014, Chongqing Xiantao Data Valley officially started planning and construction. The project is located in Xiantao Village, Shuanglonghu Street, Yubei District, Chongqing City, and the total construction land area in the valley is 1267 acres. Among them, the land for municipal facilities and greening is 306 mu, and the land for housing construction is 961 mu. It is divided into supporting living areas such as business building industrial zone and rental apartment. Among them, industrial office buildings are about 810,000 square meters, and supporting buildings such as hotels and apartments are about 390,000 square meters. 家,核心企业 300 家。 It has a planned permanent population of 20,000, 100,000 registered companies (including virtual registration), more than 50 leading companies and more than 300 core companies .

随着园区建设进程的加快,作为未来具有国际影响力的中国第一大数据生态谷,为进一步发挥信息资源统筹建设、综合智慧应用的整体目标, 启动 “智慧园区”项目建设。 In 2018, with the acceleration of the construction of the park, as China's largest data ecological valley with international influence in the future, in order to further develop the overall goal of integrated construction of information resources and comprehensive smart applications, the construction of a "smart park" project was initiated . 依托大数据、人工智能、物联网等领先技术,以智能化设施、智慧化应用、人工智能机器人为载体,以场景服务为核心,以创新商业模式为保障 ,构建物物相连、系统互通、人机互动的、虚拟和现实交融的,以人为本、以服务为重心、可迭代更新、引领未来的中国最具影响力的高新技术产业聚集型智慧大数据产业园和具备国际影响力的中国第一大数据生态谷。 The smart park will rely on leading technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, with intelligent facilities, intelligent applications, artificial intelligence robots as the carrier, scene services as the core, and innovative business models as the guarantee . Interoperable, human-computer interactive, virtual and reality blending, people-oriented, service-focused, iterative update, leading the future of China's most influential high-tech industry clustered intelligent big data industrial park and China with international influence The first big data ecological valley.

打造一流的信息基础设施环境 (I) Create a first-class information infrastructure environment

A green, ubiquitous, intelligent, and integrated next-generation information infrastructure support system covering the entire region will be built. High-speed wireless networks and high-definition interactive digital TV networks will cover the entire region, and a wireless IoT data private network will cover all application areas. The bandwidth access capability of commercial buildings reaches 10 Gigabit; promote the widespread application of next-generation information network technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and mobile internet ; build a high-level cloud computing data center; etc. in communities and commercial areas Smart services are basically universal.

提高园区精细化、可视化、动态化管理运行水平 (2) Improve the level of refined, visualized and dynamic management in the park

Improve the level of visualization, refinement, dynamics, and intelligence of comprehensive park management and physical sign operation monitoring, and realize intelligent perception, real-time transmission, dynamic management, and efficiency of all elements of park operation management such as people, places, things, things, and organizations application. Basically realize the intelligent perception of key enterprise areas, commercial buildings, and key facilities; realize the spatial display of various types of park resources; build a smart park command center that integrates the management functions of each park to quickly respond to and deal with various events .

提高园区管理服务智能化、便捷化、人性化水平 (3) Improving the level of intelligence, convenience, and humanity of park management services

Utilize a variety of information technology methods to achieve social management service innovation, build a public service system such as smart parking, smart medical care, education, conference affairs, and form an integrated and personalized intelligent livable environment. Realize quick online access to government service, public service and living service information; implement scientific planning and dynamic allocation of basic public service resources; be able to use information technology to provide a variety of services to special populations.

提高园区管理决策科学化、高效化、民主化水平 (4) Improve the scientific, efficient, and democratic level of park management decisions

Achieve full coverage of management service processes and core business informatization, and promote business collaboration and core government affairs information sharing and sharing among the various departments of the park management. Mobile e-government has been promoted and popularized; a "cloud computing platform" covering the entire park has basically realized the full sharing and utilization of information resources.

Comprehensively build smart parks, smart industries, and smart services, and strive to build Xiantao Data Valley into a leading area for information infrastructure construction, a highly integrated functional area for smart industries, and a popular area for high-end smart services .

仙桃数据谷智慧园区总体架构 Third, the overall architecture of Xiantao Data Valley Smart Park

The overall architecture of Chongqing Xiantao Data Valley Smart Park includes eight modules of "five layers and three systems". "Five layers" refers to the infrastructure layer, data layer, support layer, application layer and access layer, which collectively provide a full range of capacity support for the construction of smart parks. The "three systems" are the safety guarantee system, operation and maintenance guarantee system, and standard specification system, which together provide support for the healthy and orderly development of the smart park, and are the basic support and guarantee for the construction and management of the smart park in Xiantao Data Valley.

1 智慧园区总体架构 Figure 1 Overall Architecture of Smart Park

是仙桃数据谷智慧园区的门户,是智慧园区各应用系统的统一对外出口。 The access layer is the gateway to the Xiantao Data Valley Smart Park, and it is the unified export of all application systems in the Smart Park. The access layer is directly targeted to park management companies, park enterprises, the public, and park visitors. Through the system's integrated and coordinated basic functions, through unified data interaction and interface specifications, it can be obtained for the comprehensive collaborative office of civil servants, the public and enterprises and institutions. Information and services provide support.

是仙桃数据谷智慧园区各项业务功能的直接支撑平台,由针对各项具体业务需求开发的政务应用系统组成,主要包括协同管理平台、企业服务平台、生活服务平台和智慧园区综合应用系统。 The application layer is a direct support platform for various business functions of the Xiantao Data Valley Smart Park. It consists of government application systems developed for specific business needs, mainly including collaborative management platforms, enterprise service platforms, living service platforms, and smart park comprehensive application systems. . Under the principle of overall construction and deployment of each business system, construction and development are carried out according to business needs, and interaction with related systems and integrated application platforms is completed.

是仙桃数据谷智慧园区的集约化建设开发模块,主要包括物联网平台、可视化平台、 GIS及地图服务平台、应用支撑平台、移动开发平台、集成支付平台、即时通讯平台、统一身份认证系统、大数据管理系统、大数据分析系统、云计算平台等。 The support layer is the intensive construction and development module of the Xiantao Data Valley Smart Park, which mainly includes the Internet of Things platform, visualization platform, GIS and map service platform, application support platform, mobile development platform, integrated payment platform, instant messaging platform, and unified identity authentication system. , Big data management system, big data analysis system, cloud computing platform, etc. Through the construction and sharing of various comprehensive and reusable common components, it provides support for various application systems in the smart park, improves development efficiency, and reduces construction costs.

是仙桃数据谷智慧园区数据资源的综合汇聚平台,通过对数据资源的统一管理,建立统一的政务数据资源池,实现共性数据的整合汇聚和灵活调用,支撑园区各业务系统间数据按需共享,开展数据的广泛关联分析,深化大数据应用。 The data layer is a comprehensive aggregation platform for data resources in the Smart Park of Xiantao Data Valley. Through the unified management of data resources, a unified government data resource pool is established to achieve the integrated aggregation and flexible invocation of common data, and to support the on-demand data among the business systems in the park. Share, carry out extensive correlation analysis of data, and deepen the application of big data.

是仙桃数据谷智慧园区建设和部署的物理环境,包括园区各类弱电子系统、园区网络、数据中心、园区展示大厅、指挥展示中心、安防监控中心等。 The infrastructure layer is the physical environment for the construction and deployment of the Xiantao Data Valley Smart Park, including various weak electronic systems, park networks, data centers, park exhibition halls, command display centers, and security monitoring centers. Through the construction of various hardware infrastructures, it provides support for various upper-layer applications in the smart park, extends the perception of the smart park to all corners of the park, and realizes a thorough perception of the park.

是仙桃数据谷智慧园区高效平稳运行的重要保障,通过明确智慧园区安全方针、安全管理、安全技术、安全组织、安全标准等各方面要求,构建形成安全可靠的运行环境,保障智慧园区的安全运转。 The security guarantee system is an important guarantee for the efficient and stable operation of the Xiantao Data Valley Smart Park. By clarifying the requirements of the smart park's security policy, safety management, safety technology, safety organization, and safety standards, a safe and reliable operating environment is formed to ensure the smart park. Safe operation.

是仙桃数据谷智慧园区正常运行、可持续发展的重要保障,通过建立运行维护的组织体系、服务体系、管理体系,明确运行维护的各项要求,构建统一的运维管理平台,为日常运维工作的有序开展提供支撑。 The operation and maintenance guarantee system is an important guarantee for the normal operation and sustainable development of the Xiantao Data Valley Smart Park. By establishing an operation and maintenance organization system, service system, and management system, it clarifies various requirements for operation and maintenance and builds a unified operation and maintenance management platform. Provide support for the orderly development of daily operation and maintenance work.

是仙桃数据谷智慧园区建设和管理工作良性运转的基本支撑,通过明确总体建设标准、数据标准、交换标准和信息安全标准,形成相互作用、相互依赖、相互补充的标准体系,为智慧园区项目建设提供指导和规范。 The standard and normative system is the basic support for the sound operation of the construction and management of Xiantao Data Valley Smart Park. By clarifying the overall construction standards, data standards, exchange standards, and information security standards, an interactive, interdependent, and complementary standard system is formed for wisdom. The park project construction provides guidance and specifications.

主要 建设 内容 Fourth, the main construction content

Focusing on the four major industrial directions of the Xiantao Data Valley: “big data, small sensing, sea storage, and cloud applications”, the construction of the park ’s “3 + 6” industrial development system is the main line, combined with the park's business process planning, through top-level design and overall planning and construction . 500 多家 入住企业、 2万人口的日常服务与园区管理服务需求,满足园区各部门一站式服务信息系统整合要求 It meets the daily service and park management service needs of more than 500 resident enterprises and 20,000 people in the park, and meets the one-stop service information system integration requirements of all departments in the park .

智慧园区基础设施 (I) Infrastructure of Smart Park

Including data center computer room, monitoring center, management and command center, integrated communication and command and dispatch, park exhibition hall, integrated pipeline, integrated wiring, power distribution, lightning protection and grounding, park wired network (optical fiber broadband network, Internet of Things, park information network ), Park wireless network (location system, RFID, WIFI), etc.

IDC及云平台 (2) IDC and cloud platform

Establish a unified and centralized IDC and cloud platform to create a physical environment for centralized system deployment, service fusion, and data fusion. Including data center network equipment, computing equipment, storage equipment, operating systems, cloudification systems, databases, IDC network security equipment, etc.

应用支撑平台 (Three) application support platform

Establish a unified and common application support platform to provide common and integrated service capabilities for upper-layer applications. Including IoT platform, GIS map service platform, visualization platform, application development platform, basic support platform, integrated payment platform, etc.

数据标准规范 (IV) Data Standard Specification

Breaking down the system barriers in the smart park and allowing various types of data to be stored and exchanged in accordance with unified standards are the prerequisites for data fusion and big data application deployment. Including data resource standard system, data resource directory system, data exchange system, data open system, data security and operation and maintenance management system, big data governance, etc.

智慧管理应用 (5) Smart Management Application

使 人力资源能够从重复、繁琐的日常工作中得到释放,同时实现更精准、高效的管理。 It is used to improve the management ability of the park managers, so that human resources can be released from repetitive and tedious daily work, while achieving more accurate and efficient management. Including channel management system, office management system, enterprise interactive management system, service management system, business management system, energy consumption management system, three-dimensional security system, environmental monitoring system, building automatic control system, asset management system, etc.

智慧服务应用 (6) Smart Service Application

It is used to improve the quality of enterprise services and expand the scope of enterprise services, so that enterprises in the park can focus more on the development of the main channel business, and at the same time attract more high-quality enterprises to enter, incubate more potential enterprises, and create an industrial ecology. 包括企业中心系统、基础服务系统、金融服务系统、政务服务系统、企业宣传系统、 IT资源服务系统、其他增值服务系统、资讯活动系统、多媒体会议室系统、多媒体信息发布系统、公共广播及背景音乐系统。 Including enterprise center system, basic service system, financial service system, government service system, corporate publicity system, IT resource service system, other value-added service system, information activity system, multimedia conference room system, multimedia information release system, public broadcasting and background Music system.

生活服务应用 (VII) Application of Life Services

Improve the quality of life of enterprise employees in the park, increase the perception of smart life, increase stickiness to the park, and reflect people-oriented. Including booking service system, event management system, card system, smart parking system, smart home system, smart light pole system, cable TV and satellite communication system, smart trash bin system, smart seat cushion system, smart bus system, etc.

智慧园区安全体系 (8) Security System of Smart Park

Make information security from information design to implementation, operation and maintenance have rules to follow, regulate related processes and personnel activities, and avoid risks to the greatest extent.

智慧园区运维体系 (9) Smart Park Operation and Maintenance System

Standardize the daily operation and maintenance of each system in the smart park to ensure system availability.

重要应用平台 V. Important application platforms

智慧管理平台 (I) Smart Management Platform

As the management organization of the entire Xiantao Data Valley Park, Data Valley Management Company needs to deal with a large number of park management tasks on a daily basis. Through smart office, comprehensive management, asset management, financial management, legal management, and smart party building, it can realize good management of the park management company The goal.

2 智慧管理平台 Figure 2 Smart Management Platform

智慧服务平台 (2) Smart Service Platform

Enterprises in the park are the core elements of the park's vitality, and industrial development is the key factor that determines the development level of the park. Provide various park services including park basic services, government services, value-added services, financial services, and ICT services to park enterprises through the enterprise service platform, and provide comprehensive enterprise service capabilities for Xiantao International Big Data Valley, thereby further enhancing the development of the park industry Level.

3 智慧服务平台 Figure 3 Smart Service Platform

智慧生活平台 (3) Smart Life Platform

The smart living system provides various life services for residents of the park, including system information modules such as bus information, commuter shuttle booking, hotel apartment booking, catering booking, and park activities, to realize the park's public smart life.

4 智慧生活平台 Figure 4 Smart Life Platform

结语 6. Conclusion

By constructing a smart park, problems such as repeated construction of informatization by various institutions, complex interfaces, difficult management, and high maintenance costs have been avoided. 对共享数据进行集中管理和维护, 提高了数据的精准性和可利用性,为仙桃数据谷打造国际级一流园区奠定了基础 The smart park centrally manages and maintains shared data, improves the accuracy and availability of the data, and lays the foundation for Xiantao Data Valley to build a world-class first-class park .

1 科学配置资源,减少浪费。 ( 1 ) Scientifically allocate resources and reduce waste. Increase the utilization rate of the park's leased areas, hotels, entertainment venues, conference venues, exhibition venues, catering and commercial venues, etc., and timely release of information and scheduled scientific arrangements to reduce the waste of supporting resources in the park.

2 统筹整合信息,提高了办公效率。 ( 2 ) Overall planning and integration of information has improved office efficiency. APP 应用平台、内部覆盖的自动化办公平台、全区覆盖的信息发布平台、无线信号覆盖平台、全园区的安全监控平台、各个出入口的安全管理平台、交通管理平台、园区三维展示平台,保证了办公所需数据、信息瞬间抵达,回复反馈立即接收,提高了办公管理的效率。 Network platform, APP application platform, internally-covered automated office platform, information coverage platform, wireless signal coverage platform, security monitoring platform, security management platform for each entrance and exit, traffic management platform, and park The three-dimensional display platform ensures that the data and information required for the office arrives instantly, and the response feedback is received immediately, which improves the efficiency of office management.

3 )助力服务型园区政府建设。 ( 3 ) Facilitate the construction of service park government. By establishing a "one-stop" and "one-net" service platform, integrating the service resources of various departments, optimizing service processes, improving service efficiency and management level, launching proactive services, providing more humanized services, and further facilitating residents and enterprises Work to promote the construction of a "service-oriented government" in Xiantao Data Valley.

4 )优化仙桃数据谷投资环境。 ( 4 ) Optimize the investment environment of Xiantao Data Valley. The construction of a smart park will promote the overall construction of Xiantao Data Valley to a new stage, which will help improve the overall service level and service efficiency, improve the park's image , optimize the park's investment environment, and attract outstanding talents and enterprises to the park's venture capital investment.

汪郑波 ,重庆西部大数据前沿应用研究院秘书长,重庆市科技青年联合会大数据智能化应用专业委员会专家。 About the author: Wang Zhengbo , Secretary-General of Chongqing Western Big Data Frontier Application Research Institute, and expert of Big Data Intelligent Application Committee of Chongqing Youth Federation of Science and Technology.

4 This article was published in Digital China Construction Newsletter, edited and published by the Digital Information Research Institute of the National Information Center , No. 4, 2019